We did a lot in 2017, though there’s no way to capture it all in only a single image each day. Yet that’s what I set out to do, and it turned out much better than I had dreamed. Hopefully my pictures over the past year have provided a glimpse into our Unschooling life and the many ways in which we learn and explore the world around us. Though the kids have changed and grown enormously throughout the year, they’ve retained their same enthusiasm and love of learning new things. They always seem to be embarking on some new adventure.

To finish up the first year of The Unschooled Lens I chose one picture from each week of the year and put them together into a single gallery. Perhaps together these pictures will give a more varied and interesting look at what 2017 was like for us. Enjoy, and stay tuned for another year of The Unschooled Lens!

Posted by:The Dad Hatter

A full-time Dad, I spend my days Unschooling my six awesome children. I write about Unschooling, books, photography, and whatever else I feel like on my blog, The Dad Hatter.

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