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The Unschooled Day – #1

ne of the beautiful things about Unschooling is how different each day can be. Of course, some times they’re similar, but often each is filled with its own activities and discoveries.


Backpacking Adventures – The Colorado Trail in 2018

Perhaps my favorite part of living in Colorado is the proximity of the mountains and all the opportunities they offer for incredible hiking. For years I’ve wanted to attempt hiking the Colorado Trail, a nearly 500-mile backpacking trail that stretches from Denver to Durango. And for most of those years it’s been simply a dream, until N decided that he wanted to do the same thing.

The Unschooled Lens – Year 2, Week 1

The Unschooled Lens, Year One

The Unschooled Lens – Week 51

The Unschooled Lens – Week 50

The Unschooled Lens – Week 47

The Unschooled Lens – Week 35

The Unschooled Lens – Week 34

The Unschooled Lens – Week 33

The Unschooled Lens – Week 31