The Eagle’s Breakfast – An Unschooling Story

The morning began like it usually does. The typical chaos of six children sorting out their breakfasts and eating while chatting about how they wanted to spend their day. It’s been moderately cold lately, but today was going to be warm and so they were talking about visiting a playground. I’ve been just as unhappy cooped up inside, so I was more than willing to escort them, just as soon as we decided which one to visit. Continue reading “The Eagle’s Breakfast – An Unschooling Story”

The Life of an Unschooled Bookworm

Today she decided to read all day. In her tall bed she spent half an hour carefully arranging her blankets and pillows in the the perfect reading nest. It’s a square nest, instead of her usually round construction, and she is very proud of the results. It’s cozy and warm, full of pink and purple and surrounded by her personal art gallery taped all over the walls and ceiling. The perfect place for a journey to Hogwarts. Continue reading “The Life of an Unschooled Bookworm”

Motivation to Learn – The Dad Hatter’s Unschooling Primer Part II

Do you work hard and more effectively at a challenge when it is something you want do, or something you are told to do? It’s a rhetorical question of course, and perhaps a silly one. We all probably realize that our most productive times are when we are engaged and excited about whatever we are doing. Continue reading “Motivation to Learn – The Dad Hatter’s Unschooling Primer Part II”

Define “Unschooling” – The Dad Hatter’s Unschooling Primer Part I

As Unschoolers, one of the questions we’re often asked, is what Unschooling really is. Sometimes it seems difficult to answer because of the preconceived ideas about education that nearly everyone brings to the conversation. It’s easy to offer disclaimers, qualifiers and justification for our choice rather than simply offer a succinct definition. Continue reading “Define “Unschooling” – The Dad Hatter’s Unschooling Primer Part I”

To My Son

Hello Son.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am your father. Of course you’ve already met me, in your fashion, but you don’t know me, and you don’t know what it means that I am your father. In time you’ll learn, but for right now you spend most of your time sleeping and eating, and cuddling with your mother. It will be a long time before you read this, but there are some things I need to tell you anyway.

Continue reading “To My Son”