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How To Train Your Dragon: Hidden World

In short, the movie is a rare finale that both continues and builds upon the thematic ideas of the previous films and brings everything to a pitch-perfect conclusion.


The Unschooled Lens, Year One

The Unschooled Lens – Week 50

The Unschooled Lens – Week 42

The Unschooled Lens – Week 32

Oh no! You've ruined my plan! Wait, if I take that trade, then there's a small chance that my plan may yet prevail! Haha!

A, age 8, during an exciting game of chess

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There is magic in starlight, of course. This is well known, but because the light travels such a long distance, the magic in it is fragile and diffused, stretched into the most delicate of threads. There is enough magic in starlight to content a baby and fill its belly, and in large enough quantities, starlight can awaken the best in that baby's heart and soul and mind. It is enough to bless, but not to enmagic.

Moonlight however. That is a different story.

Moonlight is magic. Ask anyone you like.

- The Girl Who Drank the Moon, by Kelly Barnhill

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The Unschooled Lens – Week 29

The Unschooled Lens – Week 18