Why WALL E loves EVE – The Perspectives Of Children

At one point I probably would have assumed that with six kids in the house, at least two of them would be very similar in personality and outlook. And of course, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Continue reading “Why WALL E loves EVE – The Perspectives Of Children”

Social Anxiety and Parenting

Some years ago I was attending my second Home Dad Con, a gathering of stay-at-home dads to discuss parenting over the course of a couple of days. It was my second year attending, and though I had enjoyed the first year somewhat, it was not going well the second time around. I was instead having a full anxiety attack. Continue reading “Social Anxiety and Parenting”

Conversation at the Museum: Thoughts on Fatherhood

Three years ago I was at the museum with my five children. The baby was hungry for a bottle and the rest were hungry for their lunch, so we headed into the foodcourt. We sat at an empty table with enough room for all of us, and I asked the older four children to sit quietly while I fed the baby. Continue reading “Conversation at the Museum: Thoughts on Fatherhood”