Seven Picture Books for Unschoolers

In honor of #BookLoversDay, here’s a reblog of a post I wrote earlier this year about some great picture books for Unschoolers!

The Dad Hatter

Picture books are one of the great joys of life for both children and parents. In just a few illustrated pages they tell compelling stories that resonate with a wide range of audiences. Reading them is fun, but the sparkle of imagination and love of story in a child’s face as they listen is unmatched. As an added bonus they’re short, which makes it easy to read story after story in a single sitting.

We have a lot of picture books in our house, and while some of our favorites are on these list, I’ve picked these particular books because they explore some important aspects of Unschooling: the importance of imagination, self-driven exploration, pursuing passions, etc. In my humble opinion, these are picture books that every Unschooling family should have in their home library.

Doug UnpluggedDoug Unplugged, by Dan Yaccarino

This fun story was an eary pick to start this…

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