Lake Macintosh – A Photo Essay

They say the best camera you have is the one that’s with you. A few weeks ago I found myself on one of my favorite walks in the neighborhood without a camera except for my phone. It wasn’t ideal lighting for such a device, but I couldn’t resist the scenery on a beautifully cloudy night just after a rain shower.

The path around the lake cuts between farms on one side and on the other a wildlife nature are that stretches to the shores of the lake. It’s usually a moderately busy path, but on this evening it was nearly deserted thanks to the weather.

The clouds were low and looming but there was no rain as I walked. Daylight was growing dim, but the air was full of the chirping of birds and the rustle of wind. The path was dotted with puddles but they were easy to avoid. The mud was less easy to dodge.


The mountains were nearly lost in the darkness and wreaths of cloud, but they were just visble. My phone had difficulties dealing with the contrast of the setting sun and the dark fields.

The open fields and shores of the lake were just starting to show true signs of Spring. Plants were growing green but the browns and golds of winter were still quite visible. A mixture of seasons and mixed colors.


The scenery is usually spectacular and the path leads past periodic benches for the leisurely walker to sit and watch the water or the mountains or the birds.

As I may have already mentioned, Lake Macintosh is one of my favorite places to go for a walk. The scenery is often beautiful if not spectacular. Even if the only camera I have with me is my phone, I can rarely resist taking a picture or two. I guess what they say is true.



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