The Unschooled Lens – Week 42

It doesn’t seem very long ago that I started this photo project, but now it’s nearly at an end. Only ten more weeks and we’ll be at the end of the year! I don’t know if I’ll continue the series for another year, but for right now I hope you enjoy this week’s glimpse into our Unschooling life.   Continue reading The Unschooled Lens – Week 42

Hobbies and Unschooling

Part of the subtle art of Unschooling is finding ways to inspire your children and to help them find their interests. As a result, part of the ongoing process of Unschooling is exposing children to new ideas, topics and pursuits, but also to model a lifestyle of pursuing interests and hobbies. When children see their parents learning even as adults, it has a couple of important effects. Continue reading “Hobbies and Unschooling”