The Life of an Unschooled Bookworm

Today she decided to read all day. In her tall bed she spent half an hour carefully arranging her blankets and pillows in the the perfect reading nest. It’s a square nest, instead of her usually round construction, and she is very proud of the results. It’s cozy and warm, full of pink and purple and surrounded by her personal art gallery taped all over the walls and ceiling. The perfect place for a journey to Hogwarts. Continue reading “The Life of an Unschooled Bookworm”

Hobbies and Unschooling

Part of the subtle art of Unschooling is finding ways to inspire your children and to help them find their interests. As a result, part of the ongoing process of Unschooling is exposing children to new ideas, topics and pursuits, but also to model a lifestyle of pursuing interests and hobbies. When children see their parents learning even as adults, it has a couple of important effects. Continue reading “Hobbies and Unschooling”