The Eagle’s Breakfast – An Unschooling Story

The morning began like it usually does. The typical chaos of six children sorting out their breakfasts and eating while chatting about how they wanted to spend their day. It’s been moderately cold lately, but today was going to be warm and so they were talking about visiting a playground. I’ve been just as unhappy cooped up inside, so I was more than willing to escort them, just as soon as we decided which one to visit. Continue reading “The Eagle’s Breakfast – An Unschooling Story”

Fall Exploration

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. Crisp air and the changing colors make me want to get out and explore. After the heat of summer and before the winter freeze is the perfect time to go wandering through forests and investigating leaf covered parks, preferably with camera in hand. There’s always something new around the corner, even if we’ve been there a hundred times before. Continue reading “Fall Exploration”