Why WALL E loves EVE – The Perspectives Of Children

At one point I probably would have assumed that with six kids in the house, at least two of them would be very similar in personality and outlook. And of course, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Continue reading “Why WALL E loves EVE – The Perspectives Of Children”

The Eagle’s Breakfast – An Unschooling Story

The morning began like it usually does. The typical chaos of six children sorting out their breakfasts and eating while chatting about how they wanted to spend their day. It’s been moderately cold lately, but today was going to be warm and so they were talking about visiting a playground. I’ve been just as unhappy cooped up inside, so I was more than willing to escort them, just as soon as we decided which one to visit. Continue reading “The Eagle’s Breakfast – An Unschooling Story”

A Day In The Mountains

  One of the best aspects of Unschooling, and indeed almost any type of Homeschooling, is the freedom to explore amazing places when they’re not particularly crowded. Zoos, museums, park playgrounds, etc. are often terrible busy during the summer and weekends, but the opportunity to explore them on weekdays during the school year results in a very different sort of experience. So yesterday we drove up into Rocky Mountain National Park. RMNP is one of the busiest National Parks in the country, currently the #4 most visited park. As a result the roads, trails, and parking lots throughout the park are … Continue reading A Day In The Mountains